So You Didn't Get That Internship at XYZ


I took a quick pitstop in Brown before arriving back in New York. Besides the usual catch-ups and check-ins, I noticed that a lot of my friends hadn’t gotten their dream internship. Due to taking a gap year, I’m in the fortunate position of having avoided the dreaded “junior summer internship” hunt. The one that’s supposedly going to determine the rest of your career.

Just a newsflash. It won’t.

I’ve talked to enough individuals at the “dream firms” to know that the majority of them didn’t start with an internship or a job there right out of college. But that isn’t the point of this post.

This is about reminding you (yes you) why you are still one fucking awesome, badass individual who can do anything you want to. And some general things to remember to help you get out of the funk.

10 reasons why you are awesome

1. Damn, have you seen your smile?

Smiling is supposed to make you happier. And you’ve got a damn nice smile. Show it to the world. When someone else sees you smile, their natural reaction is to smile too. And now you’ve made that person happier. Look at you spreading happiness in the world!

2. You are fucking brilliant

Let’s just remember that you are a smart and capable human being. I couldn’t do half the things you’re doing right now! Seriously if you take math, you’re already ahead of me. That firm (or even your transcript) does not and will not ever define you.

Only you define you.

I recommend defining yourself as an awesome badass but you know, you do you.

3. You have so many friends/family who love you

I love you. That’s already one friend right there. Just take a look around to see how many people are rooting for you to succeed and also reminding you that they are lucky to have you in their life. They wouldn’t just be friends with some random, not as cool as you person. No, they chose you because you add value to their life and make it better.

4. You are kind, caring and sweet

Even when the going gets tough for you, you go out of your way to take care of your friends! Who even does that these days. That is rare and special. They don’t teach that in the work force.

5. There is only one you in the world

I think that’s pretty awesome. I’ve traveled a decent amount in life and I’ve only ever encountered one of you. And only you can do the things you do, make people feel the way they feel, and live the way you live.

Makes you pretty cool don’t you think.

6. You are a fighter

I’ve seen you take punch after punch, hardship after hardship AND YOU ARE STILL STANDING! Are you immortal or something? There is so much strength and perseverance in you. A few lack of offers is just a blip in this big, crazy world.

7. You inspire others

Maybe you don’t know it yet but in one way or another, you have inspired me and so many people around you to do something they didn’t think they were capable of. You’re basically a modern day icon.

8. You have the world ahead of you

You’re basically a rocket ship about to launch to the moon. I mean it when I say you have so much potential in you. Nobody else thinks the way you think and is able to solve problems the way you solve them. That is a valuable skill that anyone would kill for.

Don’t forget to show the world that you’re here to make your mark.

9. There is a problem in this world that only you can solve

I believe that there is a problem that is perfectly suited to someone’s skill set. I haven’t quite figured out what mine is and maybe you haven’t figured out yours either. But it exists. And the world is going to be a better place because you were there to solve it.

10. One way or another, I know you. So that’s an automatic stamp of awesome

I’d like to think I only know awesome people haha. But seriously, I hope you know that you are truly a wonderful human being.

 Remember, you're the ruler of your life

Remember, you're the ruler of your life

10 things to remember to get out of the funk

  1. For as many rejections as you receive, there are 10x as many opportunities waiting for you.
  2. Everyone goes through rejection. Your friends, your mum, me, Elon Musk, Obama, you name it, rejected.
  3. Generally, sitting on your ass won’t change your outcome. Take your time to recover, eat that pint of ice cream. And then get back at it. It really is a grind. But you absolutely can do it.
  4. It only takes one door to open. The number of offers you get doesn’t define your worth.
  5. You can still win the lottery (always good to know).
  6. There are still many positives in your life if you just take a second to step back and look around.
  7. Don’t always take the obvious routes. There are many interesting and weird opportunities that maybe better suited for you if you go beyond the college bubble in your search.
  8. Surround yourself with supporters, not haters. Makes life easier.
  9. It’s not rocket science. It’s just a little luck (which is opportunity meets preparation).
  10. You’re going to be just fine and you’re going to kick ass.