The One Section of Your Resume You Should Give More Attention to


Every element of your resume is important. Recruiters notice your one misspelt word or the lack of white space. However, time and time again, I notice that applicants forget to have a little fun with the one section they can actually have fun with: the interests section!

Every recruiter I’ve talked to has said that this is their favorite section of the resume. They don’t always have time to read through every bullet point (remember, they only look at your resume for 6 seconds). But they definitely have enough time to read your interests and see if they have a common connection with you.

Why the Interests Section is Important

This is where you can let your personality shine and let the company you’re applying to know you’re actually human with actual interests! Most people don’t like to talk about their job 24/7. But there’s plenty of people who would love to know more about your travels or what you thought about the newest Game of Thrones episode.

The interest section creates a fun talking point during an interview to make it less serious and more conversational

So take advantage of it!

How to Fix the Interest Section

Here’s an example of an interest section that doesn’t do justice to how interesting this person really is.

Interests: international development, data science, ed-tech, hiking, drumming

We can add so much more personality and specifics here. You want to add interesting little notes that create more of a conversation.

So we added a little more detail here to this one:

Interests: International development in Latin America, educational technology, hiking in Venezuela and Colombia, playing Afro-Brazilian drums

With just a few tweaks, we already know so much more about this person, what’s important to them, and have way more talking points (like wow you play the Afro-Brazilian drums? Tell me more!)

Another example we fixed was:

Interests: Education, TV, Hiking, Traveling, Karaoke


Interests: Education reform, Game of Thrones, Hiking (climbed the Himalayas), Traveling (24 countries), amateur karaoke (My Heart Will Go On is my go-to)

So have fun with your interests! Write specific, interesting details about you. And don’t be afraid to let your personality shine :)

Samanee MahbubComment