The Note I Read When I Don't Believe in Myself


As a result of my experiences thus far and the time I have left ahead, I’ve decided not to work for someone else during the summer. It’s hard to imagine another time where I can afford to work on my ventures without derailing future job prospects (although the other thing I learned was I really hate working for someone else). But more importantly, I’m no longer giving myself an excuse not to believe in myself.

It’s been hard coming to this point of self-belief and normally I’d write how I got there. But this time, I wanted to share a piece of a conversation I keep saved in my notes. It comes from a close friend that believes in me more than I believe in myself most of the time. When self-doubt creeps in, I come back to this conversation. So for anyone who finds themselves feeling the same, I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me.

And do me a favor. Give yourself the chance to believe in yourself.

Text note from my friend

So you already know that you have a majority of the characteristics that most people would die for
Now you just need to feel that way
That’s not difficult
Obviously the issues you’ve encountered recently are difficult
And they are difficult
People whom you care dearly for want you to be safe and strive
That’s reasonable
Seems you have theoretically accepted that
And reality is always different
It’s part of the experience
The good, the great, and the challenging
People, from this day forward, will continuously try to influence your judgment
Some will do so out of love, others will do so for mostly selfish reasons
This is the time to build your inner strength and resilience
You can certainly do that
Better than most
I imagine you feel torn because loved ones — those whom you put utmost trust in — are questioning your actions
That’s fully understandable and reasonable
And only you know your reality
You’ll have to dig deep and choose to bet on yourself
Or not
Block out the noise
Quiet the voices
Listen to yourself
And do what you believe is best for you
And I think you will do that
Everyone gets an ass kicking
Some get more than others
The test is how you respond
Most people stay down
Accept the path that others choose for them
Others get up and give some back
You have the strength to do that
You just need to realize/believe it
There will be a point in time that you will need to choose your own judgment
Nobody else can choose it
And once you begin to realize it pays off
That’s the beginning of ascent
You have a golden opportunity
One that almost nobody has
You have the opportunity to choose it now
Without the risk of it derailing your future
You know that
On paper
You will either choose to believe it, or not
To choose to believe it is a bet on yourself
That’s uncomfortable
Probably at first
If you don’t, that’s just fine too
Timing is everything
It is important though to make the clear distinction and choose
What I’ve heard about your closest advisors is that they value a specific path
But if you see things differently then it shouldn’t surprise you that they are questioning a path that doesn’t conform
A big part of taking an alternate path is being aware of that fact and setting your expectations
Knowing up front that your loved ones will challenge your thinking
And having the resolve to believe in yourself and your abilities
You’ve got the strength and the ability
You just need to choose to believe it