How to Find ANYONE’S Email


Emailing is by far the best way to contact any person you want. Let’s face it. Everyone has one. And everyone is constantly checking theirs. You’d think we’d have a better way to communicate by now. But alas, email it is.

Do you want to know the simple hack you can use to figure out anyone’s email? It’s my little secret, and today I’m sharing it with you.

The Secret

It’s a chrome extension called Hunter.

  1. Just google “Hunter chrome extension” or go to this link and add it.
  2. Go to Linkedin and you’ll see the Hunter button right next to the Follow or Connect button of the person who’s email you’re trying to find.

3. Click it and poof, you’ll get the email of the person you were searching for.

9 times out of 10, it’s usually correct. What I like about this extension is that it gives you a confidence rating as well.

How to Double Check

A quick way to check if you have the correct email is downloading another chrome extension called “Rapportive” using the link here. It’s a good way to cross check the email address you have.

It pulls an associated Linkedin page with the email address. This is useful as most people’s work email is connected to their Linkedin.

1. Just type in the email address you’ve searched.

2. See if it pulls up a profile on the right side of your screen. If it does, then this is the email of the person you’re looking for.

If not, still try to email and see if it bounces back.

What to do if the email bounces back

If the email bounces back, simply try a few of the variations below until Rapportive pulls up a Linkedin profile. Search the company’s email format first. For example, Morgan Stanley’s emails are

Here are some common formats you can try out:

Now you have everyone’s email! Happy hunting.

Samanee MahbubComment