How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Jobs


A lot of people struggle with what to write in a cover letter. Should you include all your experiences? How many paragraphs should it be? Can I go over a page? I’m here to show you exactly what goes in a cover letter so you never have to worry again.

The Basics

The cover letter should be no longer than 1 page. Ideally, ½ a page to ⅔ of a page long. Most people don’t actually read the cover letter but it’s a formality that has to be done nonetheless. So let’s not give the readers an eyesore.

This cover letter format is great for anyone, but is particularly useful for people applying to finance or consulting. There are 3 paragraphs.

Use this cover letter as a reference for your own. You can use the template above through this link.

Paragraph 1

This is the introduction paragraph. First you write what job are you applying to and where did you find the job from? Eg. I’m applying for an investment banking position which I found out about from your careers page.

Next, what’s your personal relation to the firm you’re applying to? Here you would mention a networking event, diversity event, or a personal connection. It’s a good place to name drop from your networking, but in a classy way.

Then, mention what you like about the firm. Maybe it’s their charity work, the characteristics of their employees or their dedication to developing their work staff. Whatever stands out to you.

Finally, tie it back together to you by stating why you think you’d be a good fit for the role in one line.

Paragraph 2

This is where you talk about 1–2 of your experiences on your resume. Basically, expand on a couple of your bullet points. A helpful hint is to copy/paste the job description and required skills, and then use the exact same words to show how you have those skills from your previous experience.

For example:

Job requirement: Excellent interpersonal skills and a desire to work in a team based environment

Line from cover letter: During my tenure as the finance journal’s head of design, I was able to develop my interpersonal skills through acting as liaison between the design and editorial team. Additionally, managing a team of 5 members showed me that I thrive on a team based environment.

Paragraph 3

This is the concluding paragraph. Just rehash some skills you have that align with the job description, summarize your previous paragraph about how you’ll fit into the job, and include your contact details if the company wants to reach out for an interview.

That’s it!

Samanee MahbubComment