Many recent graduates don’t know what they want to do in life

They don’t have an acute understanding of their strengths, their interests, or the fears that stop them from pursuing greater opportunities. And colleges do little to encourage this type of self-exploration. This manifests itself in the job market.

According to Accenture, 51% of recent grads feel underemployed, meaning they’re working at a job they believe doesn’t require their degree. A Gallup study shows over half of the workforce is disengaged from their job, with 16% actively disengaged. That means 1 in 2 people DO NOT LIKE their job and DIDN'T even need to go to college to do it!

4 in 5 college seniors don't have a job lined up after graduation 


An After College report showed that 4 in 5 college seniors DO NOT HAVE A JOB LINED UP AFTER GRADUATION. You’d think someone would be helping out. Yet according to a Gallup-Purdue University study, only 17% of students said their career centers were very helpful and 74% of graduates felt their colleges FAILED to prepare them for their post-grad careers (Adecco Staffing).

So that makes me ask you.

Do you want your child to enjoy the work they're doing and understand why they're doing it?

Find meaning, fulfillment and financial stability?

Or would you rather have them struggle in the job market like the majority of the college population and waste years of their life in a job they hate?

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